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No Change
I've been scanning back through my LJ - because why would I be studying instead, right? - and I've noticed something. Well a few somethings. The first is one I've talked about before; that fact that none of my current fandoms seem to have a presence here and that it's really hard to get into the proper level of fangirling when there's nobody around who shares the interest. Second is that I'm almost always talking to myself here: the last comment I had on a post was in October and it always seems to be the same one or two people replying. Even when I comment on other people's posts I get no response, which makes me wonder why be 'friends' in the first place? It's a strange experience to feel alone on the internet. 

[Fic] Paris - The Musketeers/The Originals
Ok, so this is definitely the shortest turnaround I've ever had from "I really need to do this" to "OMG I actually did that" - my first oneshot in almost two years, my first ever story for both of these fandoms. Here we go...

Title: Paris
Fandom: The Musketeers, The Originals
Rating: G
Pairings: None, although there might be some subtext (it is me that's writing this, after all).
Summary: Klaus Mikaelson meets an interesting boy in 17th century Paris.
A/N. I am fully aware that trousers in the early 1600s wouldn't have had pockets, but just go with it for the story.
If you can accept vampires, we can bring the invention of pockets up by 100 years surely!

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Hello 2017
So it's a new year. I'm not one for pretending like a new year means I'm going to magically change everything flawed about who I am and how I do business. I am, however, realising that my fic rate is down to about one completed story every year and that's really not so good. As I've mentioned before, the fandoms I'm into lately (Musketeers, Originals) don't seem to have LJ presence, and the latter doesn't even seem to have that much presence at all.

I'm going to try to get some stories written, even if they're short little things that suck, and I'm going to unleash them on you, unsuspecting followers (although you might be suspecting now that I've told you it's coming) - if you have an interest in the fandoms, great! If not, then at least I've posted something in a public place without fearing the work sucks too much to be shared. As ever, FF.net is my distributor of choice, but I may be throwing some stuff up here before it's polished enough for FF/before I'm confident enough to unleash it on the world.

As always, constructive comments and general cheerleading will be welcomed with the wettest of kisses ;-)

Where Have All The Fandoms Gone?
It seems all the newer fandoms I'm getting into either don't have a following (which I find hard to believe, especially in the case of The Originals which is a spin-off from TVD) or they are exisiting elsewhere on the internet. It's strange. I don't want to join any more comms. I like it fine right here. SPN lives here, there's no reason the others can't too. *grump*
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Complaints! (But they're about Fandom this time so that's a mild improvement)
You may or may not recall (if you even exist and I'm not just shouting into the void, but that's an existential crisis you need to have with yourself and maybe a priest) that I complained not so long ago about forgetting what it was I wanted to complain about. Well, I've been reading a few fanfics tonight and I remembered!

First, there was definitely complaining about the lack of female oral sex (cunnilingus if you wanna be wordy) in fanfic. It may be that I only like female-included sex stories in the wrong fandoms, but since I work on the assumption that the majority of fanfic is written by women, I don't understand why this part is so rushed or badly done. Surely this would be the moment to let your imagination run wild if you're a female smut writer? Instead it seems to either be not described at all, or the woman is orgasming at the very first contact, and focus immediately moves onto the man(or men)'s sexytimes. It's strange.

Secondly, if you are writing a story in a fandom where one of the couple in question has a bite that is venomous to the other SEX BITING BECOMES NOT SEXY. It can be forgiven in they bite each other, as the blood of said venomous character is also the cure the venom, but it is not OK to just have the biting and forget all about the poison. It's a very painful poison by all accounts and would certainly ruin the mood. This is especially irritating when you've mentioned not one paragraph earlier that the 'poisonous fangs' were descending. I can forgive the mix up between poisonous and venomous - it happens all the time - but for the love of gods just leave out the biting if you're not going address it.

BTW, for anyone who didn't know/actually cares: poisonous means it's bad if you eat/ingest is, venom is injected into you (or in the case of spitting cobras spat at you).

So I've got two modules running together this academic year, and I've had two assignments due within a week of each other. I've done one and I need an extension on the other because I haven't done the experiments that are needed. I have overtime all over xmas at work and I'm stressing like hell so naturally instead of organising my shit this weekend I've watched the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix instead.




I feel like I'm sucking extra at life right now. And I can't even say I'm wasting my time productively like getting xmas presents wrapped or writing chapters in these fics that look like they'll never ever get finished. Nope. Instead I'm watching YouTube videos and feeling crap.
Oh, and also complaining on LJ because that's so helpful -__-

I wish I could just nap until the new year.
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More Unnecessary Ranting
I've thought of a few things I wanted to articulate here over the last week, but I've forgotten almost all of them. I know that one was a complaint about the lack of good female oral sex in the fandoms I read, and I think there was a fleeting question of how long it's safe to be out of a fandom before you start losing perspective and start writing about the versions of characters that are in your previous work rather than the characters themselves. Trouble is, I can't seem to form coherent thoughts when I'm awake lately. I'm going back to my default setting of 'I need a holiday' for a while, I think. Travel sites, here I come! Show me somewhere sunny where the murder rate is low!

LJ has a new thing!
It appears LiveJournal now gives you the option to 'heart' people's posts. I like this idea; since I am on occassion an anxiety-ridden little bunny, I like the idea of being able to articulate "Hey, I read your post and acknowledge/agree with you" without having to actually type words that make sense and don't sound stupid.

Also for some reason I can't see pictures anymore. Hope that's just a temporary glitch. 
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More Fanficcy Observations
I'm getting some writing done, because obviously when I have actual academic work to do, that's when the Muses decide it's playtime. I've noticed that I seem to have developed an undiscovered fetish for sleep. Every time anyone in my story is having an emotionally trying scene, it ends with them sleeping - usually on or with their romantic interest. It doesn't seem to matter what time of day it is, or even if they've not long woken up.

I think my bed and I need to discuss this and work out a solution... maybe I need to start having an affair with caffeine (even though I know she's bad for me, both physically and emotionally).

In other news -or rather expanding on the first sentence of this post- it's the start of another academic year! This year I'm doing Evolutionary Biology and Astrobiology modules with Open University, plus Welsh at the local adult education centre. This is on top of work (where I currently don't have a manager) and volunteering, plus trying to write, sorting out Xmas presents, and attempting to have a social life dispite the anxiety and general avoidance of humans. Fun times!


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